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J'adore your pelvic floor - Babe Wellness Club

About the class:

How strong are your pelvic floor muscles? Our pelvic floor muscles help control our bladder, support our pelvic organs, support our babies during pregnancy, and are essential for sexual function for yourself and your lover.  This week we're learning how to keep our pelvic floor strong. Book now to join our 45 minute live-stream session for FREE where Lauren will guide us to promote physical health through movement.

Duration: 40 minutes

Equipment: Yoga Mat or Floor with a towel to cushion 

About Lauren: Lauren Dowse - mum to Caleb, is a physiotherapist working primarily in an Intensive Care Unit in Melbourne's eastern suburbs treating people with complex health conditions. 
Lauren has also completed a Post-Graduate Clinical Certificate in Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy. Lauren has a passion for treating women pre and post-pregnancy by teaching and supervising pilates exercise programs and providing important education to help their quality of life.
In her spare time, Lauren enjoys riding her bike, gardening and playing with her 18 month old son Caleb.

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