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Here to make you feel good, so you can find your magic!

Essential oils that uplift yet somehow beckon your shoulders to unfurl a little. Fine fragrances that transport you to that barefooted, seaside, vacay.

For us here at Babe, we’re all about the feels.

We’re obsessed with producing sensory bath, body & home products that help create a space for you to thrive and be well…a space where your magic happens.

Our beauty & lifestyle products wash, buff, hydrate and recharge your body, mind & home. Our product formulas include natural active ingredients like macadamia nut oil, watermelon seed oil, coffee, green tea, charcoal, pink salt, aloe vera waters, coconut oils and essential oils, as well as premium grade fine fragrances.

Babe Australia is proudly certified cruelty free - accredited with Choose Cruelty Free Australia, with most of our products also suitable for vegans.

All of our range is manufactured in Melbourne Australia, using manufacturing processes & ingredients you can trust.

Our Founder;

A restlessness accompanied the eve of turning 40 for Australian mum of three, Kim Peirce. A knowing that there was something more to be achieved. A yearning for more magic...more autonomy...for challenge & putting everything out there.

And so, with very limited bucks, a shitload of tenacity, a vision, and the desire to demonstrate we can all achieve anything we want if we're willing to work for it, Kim's 40th birthday present to herself was to find her own magic. 

With the support of her family, Kim blew a kiss goodbye to her corporate role and leaned in on her love of essential oils and fine fragrances to create a body of work that is more about the heart space and less about the perfect selfie.

The Babe brand is now sold across the globe, and can be found in beautiful local cult boutiques, through to retail icons such as Bloomingdales.